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What will you be listening to?

Perfectly Deep dives into deep electronic music: The minimal, mellow kind of electronic music that works for headphones and dancefloors alike. Subgenres include deep techno, dark ambient, dub techno, deep house, minimal techno, experimental electronica, and everything in between.

Here are some examples of streaming tips in the newsletter, and curated vinyls in the mail:

Who is curating the music?

Christian Villum

Christian Villum

Label owner, DJ, event organizer, electronic music connoisseur

Perfectly Deep is founded and curated by Christian Villum, an electronic music connoisseur, DJ, event organizer, record label owner and digital technology explorer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Perfectly Deep is the pinnacle of over 25 years of immersion into music, both personally and professionally: Christian has spent 10 years (and counting) as record label manager, 5 years as venue manager, 10 years as an event organizer, 8 years as band tour manager around the world, 15+ years as a DJ both nationally in Denmark and abroad – and, most importantly, a lifetime listening to electronic music daily.

In addition, over the years, Christian work has been taking deep stints into design, business development, open-source activism, and technology innovation. You can read more about his work on autofunk.dk.

Perfectly Deep is a part of Spraengfarlig ApS (LLC), registered in Denmark with VAT no. DK42782572.

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Go to the Perfectly Deep webstore, where you will find the world’s most comprehensive selection of albums with deep electronic music. From brand-new hot releases from the innovative artists of tomorrow to timeless classics from iconic producers and labels. We offer free shipping on orders over 40 Euros (300 DKK) and ship within 48 hours.

The shop is open to anyone, but members get a 20% discount on ALL titles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Perfectly Deep is an international community for connoisseurs of quality deep electronic music. It gives members a hand-curated music experience in the comfort of their home and allows them to stay on the cutting edge of their music passion.
With the advent of the Internet, deep electronic music is being produced all over the world and released at a massive pace. Every week hundreds of albums and dj-mixes are made available and that makes it very time-consuming for quality-minded music connoisseurs to find the best for their playlists.
No. Perfectly Deep is a curation service that offers members streaming links for major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, TIDAL and more) as well as vinyl records from the best record labels around the world.
Perfectly Deep sees deep electronic music as an idiomatic label that stretches across a subset of genres that share a quality that can best be described as minimal in nature, very bass heavy, and set in minor tones. Moreover it is often instrumental and only rarely features vocals. Well-known sub-genres under the deep electronic music label include dub techno, dark ambient, deep house and deep techno.
All sealed albums can be returned for a full refund up to 6 months after receipt. Simply return the goods to: Perfectly Deep Spraengfarlig ApS Gammel Skoerpingvej 128 DK-9520 Skoerping Denmark Make sure to send the parcel as a tracked shipment in case of problems with the shipment. Your payment will be returned immediately upon receipt, or you can choose to pick other titles in the Perfectly Deep webstore. If so desired, please inform us of your return by sending an email to villum (a) perfectlydeep.com.
You can cancel your membership at any time and it only takes a couple of clicks from the dashboard, no questions asked. If you are a free member your account is deleted right away, and if you are a premium member it happens immediately after the deliveries for your most recent payment are fulfilled. To cancel, simply send an email to villum (a) perfectlydeep.com, and your membership will be terminated immediately, no questions asked.